Algorithm wiki started

The algorithm wiki has been initialised by the wikia staff on sunday, september 24th of the year 2006. I suggested this wiki based on an idea I had in class one day: to create a wiki repository for algorithms. And by algorithms, I mean bare algorithms, not code snippits or completely realised programs or scripts. The suggestion I wrote to wikia read:

"The Algorithm Wikia is a wiki for gathering the latest and neatest as well as the more basic algorithms, plus translations into different programming languages."

My idea for a basic page on this wiki is this:

  1. A description of the algorithm in quasi-code or plain English.
  2. An explanation of the philosophy or working behind the algorithm.
  3. Translation of the algorithm in any programming language our contributors happen to know.
  4. References to similar algorithms or algorithms on which this algorithm is based.

I'm going to write some templates ASAP, for now I'll have to limit my first edits to this here.

-- Reginald (Talk) 18:29, 24 September 2006 (UTC)